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One year since we moved to Malta



Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we moved here.

Both me and Kalle like it here even though I do feel homesick sometimes and I really miss my family and friends (you are welcome to visit us if you want to)! As it looks now we have no plans of moving back to Sweden in the near future.

There are alot of things I like about Malta. The sun is number one on my list, as you might have guessed. :-)  It’s December and still 19°C in the sea! …even though I must admit I haven’t been swimming that much lately.

Another thing I like is the relaxed lifestyle. I like it when the cashier in the corner food store have time to say -Goodmorning Emma, how are you today? when I come to buy fresh bread every morning. And when I walk with Gizmo the lady in the stationery store likes to chat a minute or two. I like to go down to the main street and buy fruit and vegetables from the old farmer who calls me sweetie. I like the cliffs and the palm trees. I like the thunderstorms here.

I could go on forever.

Of course there are also things I don’t like. I don’t like that there is garbage everywhere. I don’t like to drive here. I don’t like the freezing cold stone floors in the winter.

But I can live with that. :-)


2 år!


Idag firade jag och Kalle att vi varit förlovade i 2 år.
Det blev 3-rätters på en maltesisk reataurang, La Maltija, i Paceville.

090213 22:40  pappa&AnnSofi
Bara ett JätteStort GRATTIS !

090216 09:24
Tack så mycket! :-)
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