When we moved to Malta about one year ago, we ordered forwarding on all mail to our new address here in Malta. We’ve had no problem with that, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t contacted those who send mail to the old address. And in about one week the forwarding will end.

I called Svensk Adressändring today and asked if they could extend the mail forwarding another year but to my mothers address in Sweden.

-Sure, she said and asked for the address. -I will send the paperwork to your old Swedish address, then it will be forwarded to your address in Malta and you can sign the papers and send them back. Great, I thought. This was easy… But then a problem occurred…
-Since you are no longer registered in Sweden, I can’t create a file on this, I can’t save it. There is nothing I can do.

When you are registered abroad, you have to go to a post office in Sweden where you can identify yourself. Then you can order mail forwarding.

Ain’t that convenient.

When you live abroad.

And have no visit in Sweden planned for another 6 months.