Yesterday morning when I was taking a walk with Gizmo, we met an elderly man with a dog. The man stopped and held his dog tight as we passed by, and said that his dog didn’t like other dogs. So we hurried us past them.

This morning we met again. I was waiting for a car to pass by, at a corner of a house, when the man and the dog came from the other side of the corner. His dog attacked Gizmo berfore I even realized who they were.

The man were shouting to his dog, trying to make him stop, and I was trying to grab Gizmo. At one time I actually thought he was gonna kill Gizmo. He bit over Gizmo’s back and held him in the air for a few seconds, like Gizmo was light as a feather. Fortunately he lost his grip and just a few seconds later the owner got control over the him and Gizmo could run away. 

I thought Gizmo was ok. I found a little blood in his fur but I saw no wounds. He was walking as normal, even in the stairs.

But around 11am he started to shiver – a lot! I thought he was cold (we have only 15°C inside) so I held him in my arms wrapped in a blanket for 10 minutes, but he didn’t stop shivering. He didn’t follow me to the kitchen, as he always does. And he didn’t strech as much as he ususally does.

So I called the vet. and got an appointment just half an hour later. Dr. Trevor examined Gizmo. He had a slight fever and seemed to have some pain in the back where he was bitten, but was only ihe muscles. Trevor also found a small wound. Nothing serious.

Gizmo got a shot with antibiotics and one for the pain. We also got some pills to give him the next 5 days.

I am so relieved that it was not more serious than that.