In my category “Only in Malta” I’m documenting odd stuff that will probably only occur here in Malta. Just as the web site Only in Malta does (yes, I borrowed the idea).

A lot of strange things does happen here and I can only imagine all things that people do that doesn’t get documented…

Here are some highlights from Only in Malta:





However. The Maltese people might do alot of crazy stuff, but in the end the first (worst) prize goes to SWEDEN! Kalle showed mw this article today. It’s like a bad joke.


Drilled for geothermal heat – hit subway train

Drilling Accident at Södermalm in Stockholm seems all the more remarkable. The work was done after the current plans, “said police investigators told TT.
Police technicians examined on Friday, the site of the failed drilling while began to hear the staff of the drilling company and check the drawings for the building.

“We can confirm that the company had permits to drill and to drill for the drawings. We have so far been found that the firm did nothing wrong, but somewhere, there was still a mistake. The further investigation may show where this was done,” says Gunilla Borgehed.

The company would drill in the last two hundred meters deep hole on a plot at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan in Södermalm. When they came about 20 meters down through the mountain the staff discovered that the drill is no longer met any resistance in the rock.

The staff tried to pull up the drill, which was hanging freely in the tunnel between Mariatorget and Slussens underground stations, but did not get it up until a subway-train collided with it.

The drill hit the train’s roof and front windscreen had extensive crushing.

“The driver was shocked but it could have gone really bad. He and the train was immediately on hand, and traffic was halted for about an hour,” said Maria Adolfsson at SL’s press service.

Stoppage caused major disruption and delays on the subway red line for several hours.


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