Today when I woke up it felt as the world was wrapped in cotton… or a lot of snow. It was so quiet. I didn’t realize what it was until I was about to make my morning coffee – no power!

So I started an investigation. First I checked the status of the laptop battery, to calculate how long the power had been gone. I left it running yesterday. The battery was almost empty.

Then I took a walk with Gizmo around the block. I couldn’t hear any electric machines anywhere. So my conclusion was that at least the neighbourhood was without power.

Then I had breakfast. While I was eating my favourite yogurt (bianco) the power came back.

I immediately checked the news and I found out that about the whole island had been without power for several hours, due to an explosion at Marsa power station earlier this morning. er-house-explosion


Shortly after lunch the water disappeared. Why am I not surprised?