This morning I went to The bright spot (a small shop just around the block that sells about everything but food) to buy stamps for my Christmas cards. I bought amost all their stock of Europe stamps (sorry). The stamps are cheap here compared to Sweden. It is cheaper to send letters to Japan or USA from Malta than to send letters within Sweden!

This is an overview for normal letter, max weight 20g in Sweden/50g in Malta.

Local mail
Malta €0.19 (approx. 2.00 SEK)
Sweden 6.00 SEK (approx. €0.56)

Within Europe
Malta €0.37 (approx. 4.00 SEK)
Sweden 12.00 SEK (approx. €1.12)

Outside Europe
Malta €0.51 (approx. 5.50 SEK)
Sweden 12.00 SEK (approx. €1.12)

I must say that it felt very wierd to post the Christmas cards wearing t-shirt, in 18°C!