After 5 days of coughing and sneezing I finally feel better. I felt better already after two days and thought I could work on friday, but I didn’t wake up until 12.30 friday afternoon, so I guess I wasn’t ready for work after all.

Guitar Hero

This weekend Kalle made me play Guitar Hero on wii. I’ve tried it before but I didn’t like it at all. Probably because I’m the worst Guitar Hero player in the world. But now I’ve tried to play the bass guitar and it’s sooo much easier and I really enjoyed it! Bass is too easy and boooooring, some of you Guitar Hero players out there might say. But I’ll stick to playing bass for now anyway! :-) We’ve borrowed a wii guitar from our Swedish friends (they are in Sweden during Christmas) so we could play together. That was fun!

Painted wall

Our handyman was here saturday to paint the wall in the study. We hope the wall is dry enough now. Time will tell.

The holes are filled and the wall is ready to be painted

The holes are filled and the wall is ready to be painted


The grasshopper I told you about last week, is still sitting in our lemon tree. Since he kind of moved in with us I’ve decided to call him Benjamin. I wonder how long Benjamin will stay with us?

Eco Friendly?


Green gas
Green gas

The gas company have painted the gas cylinders green (they used to be yellow). I’ve read in the paper that the only reason is to give the impression that the gas is eco friendly.